“I came to Jada because I was in a life transition after divorcing my wife and losing my father. I feel I have made huge progress. Jada has provided me with good advice and helped me see things from a much healthier perspective.”
                                     Male, 37 years old, financial industry


“As a firefighter, I was referred to Jada because of her specialty as a firefighter counselor. She provided thoughtful, patient, guided therapy that helps me achieve greater self-awareness as we work through my depression, anxiety and relationship problems.”
                                     Male, 32 years old, firefighter


“Jada is easy to talk to about my accident that resulted in a fatality. Through my emotional ups and downs she is compassionate and makes the hour pass too quickly!”
                                     Male, 48 years old, in sales


“When I first came to Jada I was in a really dark place, suicidal and depressed. I feel like I’m slowly improving and feel more motivated to live. I have learned new ways of thinking and coping skills. Jada is caring and a good listener. She is open, honest, and non-judgmental and trustworthy. Besides that, she’s just a really nice person!”
                                    Female, 19 years old, in food service


“I came to Jada for career counseling, managing work relationships and depression. I’m motivated to have more social interaction and learned to set boundaries with difficult coworkers. I feel like I handle difficult situations and people with more patience, understanding and kindness than I used to. Jada is very understanding and easy to talk to and her advice works for me because she gives easy instruction and helps me take it one step at a time. I also like that her advice is based on science, such as telling me to exercise to help me out of a bad day or to help me focus.”
                                    Female, 30 years old, marketing professional


“I came to Jada to work through some issues in my relationship with my partner. I wanted to free myself from the repetitive cycles that were keeping me from happiness. Jada has helped me to process information with more patience and clarity and stand up for myself. Now I’m taking care of myself and learning to set appropriate boundaries. Jada is a very good listener and helps to dig and find the deeper meaning. She also gives insightful homework to assist with growth and is always available to help. She has made a great improvement in my quality of life!”
                                       Female, 41 years old, in sales


“I was referred to Jada by a friend for help with anger management issues. Jada is insightful, intelligent knowledgeable and a very good listener. In a very short time I have learned effective new techniques to deal with issues and I thank her and appreciate all her help.”
                                    Male, 39 years old, firefighter


“Jada is easy to talk to and experienced with a variety of issues involving relationships. I came to Jada to work on relationship issues with my father and it has definitely been helpful talking to a professional who can give you advice, affirmation, and most importantly, techniques to move on in a healthy way.”
                                    Female, 57 years old, educator


“I came to Jada because I was coping with post-traumatic stress disorder at home and at work. Since working with Jada, I have become more focused and less stressed, and my daily anxiety has gone down! Jada is calm and intelligent; able to think through problems easily and without prejudice. ”
                                   Female, 34 years old, law enforcement officer


“Jada is energetic, enthusiastic, and definitely listens. Since working with her, I feel happier and better able to deal with the demands of working in the fire service.”
                                     Male, 42 years old, firefighter


“I came to Jada with marital issues, and I wanted a female therapist’s perspective. As I worked with her, I gained a better understanding of myself, what I can do to love myself more, and more self-accountability. Jada is a good listener, real-life, less theory and more practical, which is good. She did a nice job and is a therapist who understands men and Type A personalities well. ”
                                     Male, 52 years old, business executive


“I came for help with an addiction problem. I have been able to confront that addiction with counseling. She has also helped me with self-esteem issues and depression. Jada is warm, non-judgmental, concerned, knowledgeable, insightful, and very easy to talk to. She is like a friend who doesn’t judge you – just listens and then helps you see your own mistakes and how you can correct them.”
PUT_CHARACTERSllllllMale, 58 years old, educator


“Jada has helped my 10-year-old and 16-year-old daughters so much with insecurities, anxiety, and depression. As we’ve met with her over the past year and a few months, I have seen my daughters become more outgoing, secure, and sure of themselves. She’s such a good listener, gives such good advice, and makes herself available. Thank you, Jada, for listening and for keeping an open mind!”
PUT_CHARACTERSllllllMother of girls aged 10 and 16


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